Di Ako Lasing, The Happy Horse Chronicles

Today is not a typical day.. i usually wake up in the morning, before the sun rises, feel the gentle kiss of a cold breeze, eyelids being pulled by gravity, and would rather not leave my sheets.. today, i woke up feelin' dizzy, don't want to get up, but i have to coz i dun' wanna make a mess on my bed.. i took a shower though i forgot to bring my towel, just then i remembered 'm not gonna go to work today... but the chilly water gave me relief.. i felt less hot, less dizzy, a bit better now.. i remember you...

i decided to go back to sleep; never thought that goin' up the stairs may become a challenge, too.. i checked on my phone, empty batt, i decided to change batteries, but it happened a couple of hours after (felt like under a minute to me.) i heard the noise of children playing and realize, it's morning. my nephew gave me a warm good day greetings.

i sat in front of the computer..  waiting for it to start, the li'l kid reminded me to press the power button.  well, i didn't feel embarrassed at all.  i opened my account, checked all the notifications.. nothing was new.. nothin' really special.. saw the same old stuffs..  this is just the same old brand new day..

i browsed all the pictures - the new ones and the old ones. i felt lucky.  i am happy.  i smiled, and decided not to laugh. everything is so damn crazy.  i never thought i would grow up like this;  enjoying everything i have, enjoyed everything i had.

i am never good in everything. never good in everything i do or i did.  i realized that long time ago.  i always screw up.. failing is like breathing to me.. it comes in and out naturally, effortlessly.. yeah, i cared. it crushed me. it made me lose all the hope and want to live. i thought of ending it all the easy way out. i blamed everybody else including me. i stopped believing. yet, i still remained looking calm and strong - hard as ice, cold as stone. they thought 'm unmoved. well, thought so coz i'm confused, but i guess i'm lucky.

always i thought i'm a failure, but hell do i care now, i got my family, i got my friends.  i am never good in everything, yet i find myself so blessed. i never felt this contented. i don't care what people would say, still i'd say i am the richest man in the world. i'm not drunk, i am free. i think. i feel.

i'm not good with whatever i do, yet always i am rewarded.  i kinda feel guilty, and not worth it. i'm not sure.

i hear all the noises.  i hear the cartoons, i hear the children play, i hear the vehicles. i am distracted.

i don't wanna lose it.

am i still at it?

i guess so.

maybe it's love. maybe i always screw up because i don't love what i do.. yet i am rewarded because i put LOVE in what i do...  i love my family.. i love my friends...  i love her.. though i can't do what i love, what i want..  circumstance just won't allow me to.. i don't get derailed. it's not about what i do or how i do it... i'm just gonna do what i oughtta do.. i knew it, it's not about me.. but i'm happy.. so intoxicated :)

-Happy Horse by Flame028™, f028, AF28©


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