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alone by myself again
i see purple clouds around myself
darkness and pain
their shattering me vain

alone with my walk
i travelled roads of thorns
crimson red blood i bathe
i say there is no such easy death

oh why am i so in love
for a freedom that is so out if sight
why’d u gave light to this path
to see this undesirable blaff!!

pains and struggles
sweetness and beauty
oh i have no desire
but to end this chaos up

oh why am i so in love
for a stranger out of sight
i crave to be with you
but im lost in this shade of confusion

please do tell me
please do answer me
i am dying here for you
are you real or not?

im reachin for you
i wanted to grab you
but where are you, my light
why can’t i be with you

these nights are endless
my world of somber
imprisoned by swaggery
i just cant stop fallin for you
im so in love with you…

orig. posted 102906 @fs
^o^ ^o^ Reviewed by flame028 on 1:10 AM Rating: 5

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