another nocturne thought

An evening outdoor affair is cool - meeting new people, feeling the cold breeze, talking about what not matters, caring free.

Leaving the pack was a very easy task. A couple of handshakes and bidding goodbyes is just like that.  But walking away will always make you look back.  Look back to the past that once became you.

Did I become who I wanted to be?

Have I walked the path I chose to take?

The moon which I stared at before didn't change. Now, the moon is looking back at me.  Asking if I changed.

I could feel the cold wind blowing again.  Walking the same path doesn't mean I didn't change.  I didn't stop.  As long as I keep moving, I know there'll always be change.  Though the change may not be what's been anticipated.  Keeping up is what shall I be enduring.

Still, the nocturne washout.