Some Random Quotes

We often find inspiration from words of wisdom we hear or we read.  So here are some random quotes to live by.  Hope this help.

Some random quotes from some random moments for some random interests.

"why so afraid to disappoint people.. you're not designed to please them..."

"little thing counts.. do it..  even if you don't believe, it will.."

"Life is not a race. Keeping up won't ever be my game."

"I look at my reflection and prove that I'm still there, but I just can't stop staring. Maybe, this is what I get for reflecting too much. All this time, I was just reflecting. Unmoved."

"I am a sinner and I am not perfect, but THAT made me closer to God."

"Water is gold when there was drought, water is hell when there was flood. "

"maybe it's love. maybe i always screw up because i don't love what i do.. yet i am rewarded because i put LOVE in what i do.."  

"My every Christmas lesson, Christmas is not about me.." 

"Fighting and surviving are two different things.  It's either we live to fight, or we live to survive.  We can either fight to survive, or survive the fight. But it hurts more if we fight only to survive. "

 "life is like a book.. a new chapter uncovers after one ends... and you're the author of it...

living life is like writing.. a new chapter is started after ending the previous one... if the previous one sucks, make the next chapter better... if it is already a good one, why not put a twist on it?

ah! reading and appreciating one's book could be easier than writing a book worth reading..."

"Love is not defined. It is that one thing when you start of thinking someone (or something) whenever you hear the word love."

"I'm yelling at you coz I care for you.. but when I choose to be silent, it doesn't mean I stopped caring.... I still care, but I just leave it all to faith that one way or another, you would still believe that I care (and I love you)... that much... "

"It's hard to practice what you preach (or make people believe), so I'll just preach what I practice..."
"Whenever I want to feel blessed, I look at beautiful pictures, I listen to good music, and/or I talk to people who loves me... all the while, I'm sure I am really blessed...

and whenever I wonder why I get this much blessed, I always come up with one answer - I AM NEVER ASHAMED TO PROCLAIM MY FAITH TO OUR LORD JESUS."

"everyone deserves to hear a kind word everyday. be the reason of one's happiness for a day.  "

"it sucks to feel less important; nonetheless, one musn't make others feel that way, too."

"Ang buhay ay parang isang malaking floor puzzle... Excited ka pa ba 'pag nabuo mo na?"

"Nobody's too old...if you want something, make it happen"

 Will update for more.. :)