Confessions of a Renowned Playboy – a ♥Orientation Epilogue


It’s been a while since I started thinking nothing much but you. I open the internet and look at your pictures, and get mesmerized by it. I… wanted to talk with you. I wanted to hit that message button and start chatting with you. I just can’t. I don’t know why.

It’s been a while since we last talked. I can barely remember the date or the time. I thought we were happy back then. I thought we both liked each other. Or maybe I just like you more than you to me. You knew how much I like your smile, your eyes, your cheeks, your bangs. I still like you, but I guess it’s just the world that’s setting us apart. I could still see you wrapped around my arms though.

Remembering back then, our friends used to tease us with each other. You were aloof. I had to chase you and tell you what they’re talkin’ ‘bout is nonsense. I wanted to make you feel comfortable with me, by my side. I know you’re scared, but honey there is nothing to be scared of. I knew we were young back then, but when we finally met again, everything went great. You know it. You even confessed you really liked me. I’m glad with that.

I always tell you to smile.  I don’t want you to lose that beautiful smile. Could be one of the million reasons why I fell for you. It’s cute. And it’s sexy. (and I don’t care if I form a sentence fragment to tell you these, I like it this way). You’re such a strong person with a strong personality. You’re a chiq every man would wanna have a piece of. I’m different from them. If we could eat shawarma together, I’d be happier.

How could a Goddess leave her place on Heavens and set foot on earth!

Hah! I knew it. I was successful to make you admit you like me since we were little. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to court you well. We were separated by time, but now were back together. I hope you still like me. I still want to spend time with you. I still want to hold you, to hug you.

Have I told you lately I miss you? No? Of course I haven’t yet. I don’t why, but I… I just can’t. I am scared that you won’t believe me. You might just laugh at me. You think I’m a playboy. You think that I would lie to you. You think I’ll just make you fall for me then leave you in vain. You are so beautiful, my girl. Let us just pretend that I’m only a friend. The time we parted, I will never forget that soft touch of your hand to mine. I know I wasn’t dreaming when I felt a soft clinch from your touch.

These, girl, I had in mind. All these lines I won’t tell you. Apart from all of them, you’re different. I… LOVE you. Remembering all the wrongs I’ve done before, I am guilty. I am guilty for telling these to them. I am guilty that whenever I think of other girls, I can’t remove you from my head. You’re my beautiful, wonderful punishment.  I love you.  It is okay if you won’t love me back, but please, let me love you. Even from afar. I don’t wanna hurt you. I couldn’t hurt you. But I love you.

I confess I’ve been crazy. I confess am guilty. I confess all these ‘coz I wanna be honest with you. I confess I made mistakes. 

But I must also confess this one for you. Since the time I met you, I feel change. I couldn’t try or even think about any other woman but you. Everything in my past seems to be obliterated by this weird feeling. I guess this is really it. I love you.

Words don’t mean a thing. So don’t love me or believe me just yet.


Sincerely wanting to be yours,


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