Words to Paint

Here am I again
Looking at your pic
Dreaming in a day
That I could paint it anyway

I could see the tools,
The canvas and the brush.
But what more can I do?
I got no talent how to do.

I want to dip that brush
Into a can of black
To start painting your hair
That I can still feel in my hands.

I want to pick the red
For the lips I long to kiss
I don't know how to make it rosy
For the color of your cheeks.

Is there any tool,
To help me paint your nose.
Because it's just so perfect
Ruining it is a sin.

And your eyes,
Oh so delicate.
With those lashes
And the brows.

How could I paint it?
How could I might?
My hands are not good enough
Just to even have a try.

But please with my words,
I hope you could see it now.
How I see your beauty,
Empyreal in my sight.