Dead Battery. #AsusOneLineStory

I was browsing facebook when I stumbled upon a promotion of Asus Zenfone 3 (which happens to be my phone right now).  I saw its ad on Asus One-Line Story and I got curious and quite interested, too.  So to short cut it, you have to make a one line story, using the word for the day, and with a limited number of 200 characters only.  I kind of overseen it, i thought it was 200 words. Well, I liked what I was able to write with the 200 words so, here it is. I am sharing it to you.  BTW, I chose the genre "TRAGEDY", and the word required to be used is "BATTERY". Hope you like it.

It was a late night and the rain was pouring hard. I hurried my way to meet her.  To finally catch up with her.  I was excited.  I never thought she would give me another chance.  If all works well, this could be the chance I could redeem myself to her.  After all, this is the ONLY chance I have.
It was a late night and the rain was pouring hard. This wasn’t I was expecting.  The heavens might be scheming against me.  Hard rain. Flood everywhere. Cars, people, everything and everyone was stuck into this hell.  She’s waiting. She’s been waiting for me this whole time. And I was nowhere to be found.
It was a late night and the rain was pouring hard. Tonight was supposed to be a very special night to us.  I thought everything was nice and perfect. I tried to chase her. I tried to reach her. Everything fell into pieces. She can’t reach me.  I can no longer reach her. Everything is lost.  Everything to my dismay.  Everything was ruined by a dead battery.

And yeah, I was able to make a 200 character version of it. Just check out the Asus' official One-Line Story fb page. ;) 

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