The author is a newbie writer/blogger. He would really appreciate if you're gonna leave some comments, criticisms, suggestions, everything! He wanted to do good in this and continually grow to become better. Just reading his posts would really be a big help and, of course, is deeply appreciated.

Most of his writings started when he was in college. He continued writing even after graduating. He wrote with his personal experiences detached from his works. Though, he eagerly put himself into the shoes of the personae in order to create emotions to his literature.

The author is from Philippines. Visitors may find some of his works written in his lingua franca, which is Filipino. Sometimes, he choose to write on his own language to communicate more effectively on some ideas he intends to be appreciated by his culture. He also writes in English in order to communicate to the entire world.

The author is a dreamer. Though it is a fact that such small bloggers won't easily make it to the "world" he is expecting, he is still hoping that his works would touch someone's mind and somehow spark an idea that may influence the world little by little. In general, he just wants his works to be appreciated, and his ideas be heard.

Just click on the link to learn about his chosen pseudonym. >> Flame028 <<