.. Lacking, but never incompLete ..

She traveled some time in their past - in a very remote place unknown to most.  She noticed her phone Losing its signal.  The farther she traveled, the Less signal she receives.  She was never worried.

 She got thirsty and so she drank.  A bottle of soda she thought will do to quench the thirst.  She gulped and left it half empty.  It's not enough and so she emptied it.

 Silence?  There is none.  The sound of her portable player is resonating.  The battery is running low, but she didn't care.

 She is missing something, perhaps someone, but it never disturbed her walk.  She may lose signal of her phone, but the phone is still the phone.  The bottle may be empty, but still it can be refilled. The battery may be discharged, yet the energy can be restored.

 Some may be lost, yet more are still not found.