Lost & Found

It was a dark night
The full moon was the only light
Clouds were shadowing, the stars were rare;
Wolves are then howling
Now, can you feel the goosebumps on your body?

Standing alone, no one to be found
Only thing to do is to follow unknown path
Let there be a guide, the streaming river by your side
But where will it take you?
To safety or damnation!

As you travel along your path,
Tears have been flowing from your eyes.
Yet, you’re not in grief, in wrath, or so what
Your feet just won’t halt,
And your heart would rather not to stop.

Tears are now vanished
You’re now comforting thyself
But the beasts won’t permit you
They’ll attack ferociously,
They’ll just never cease…

Oh how fortunate!
They left you only bloodied,
They didn’t stole your life
And made you meat for dinner!

Hopelessly pathetic,
You shouted, you cried, you surrendered.
What sign of life you have?
Why don’t you just end your life yourself!

Now you’re smiling for now you see the light
You are now illuminated, you are now rejuvenated
You stand on your feet, started to walk and think
This is no same place last night,
You are now in paradise!


first posted in my multiply account last Sept 04 '08