What Moves Your Pen?

What moves your pen?

Some people uses their creative hands. Some uses their artistic minds. But there are also people who
uses their emotional hearts -- emotional hearts to make their pen kiss a blank or even a crumpled paper.

There are times I envy people who write beautiful prose and poetry. I envy their skills and talents to do so. I am jealous of their audience praising their works.

I read them.

I find the reasons.

I compare mine. I love my works more.

But I don't see why it isn't enough.

In whatever I do, it is always not enough. Unlike them, theirs are always overflowing.

I use my heart to write. I express not only my ideas, but also how I feel. I pour everything out of my chest. All the sadness, pain, bitterness, even success and happiness, too, will find a new on every sheet of paper I write.

Sometimes, pen and paper are like people, too.  They move for different reasons. They live for different purposes. Some stay and live forever. Some are gone just like a speck of dust in the air.

What moves your pen?