Not That Girl

Never tired of being single
Never sick of it
Not needing a girl to make me happy
Guess I’m glad the way things are

Never need a girl who talks all the time.
Needed a girl who is refined
She must be ready and smart.

Never need a girl who imposes
Who never try to understand
She never listens
No she doesn’t know what’s on my mind

No not needing a girl
Who will hold me and touch me
Then just go around
To leave me behind.

I need a girl who stays
Not the one who just wanna make out
No she won’t break up
Even if I let her down a couple of times
‘coz I’m just a man.

A girl who is pretty in her ways
Beautiful and sexy, yeah I would need.
She may be pretty with shirt and sneakers on
But no, I’m not after her looks.
Though I want her cute and know her style.

No not needing a girl
Who has the same taste
and hobbies like mine
But a girl who will listen to my ranting
‘coz I’m gonna listen to her, too.

Never need a girl who I never dream of
Not a girl who I don’t think of night and day
who I never wanna kiss goodnight
And sing a lullaby to.

I need a girl who I wanted to give my heart to
A girl who I’m gonna make mine.
And me hers, too.
I never need a girl, who never needs me, too.