Of Demons

A while ago, my friends and I were talking about certain experiences wherein I was able to exclaim "Summon all dark forces on Earth and cast me the most troublesome curses, I don't care 'coz I have God with me".  This assertion made me realize one thing - all the dark mobs, but demons.

I always act tough and tougher everyday when i talk about witches, evil spirits, monsters and even bad people. I speak as if I got an impenetratable barrier against these shits and I even believe I can crush them all - only to realize, I struggle against demons.  I can't say I can defeat them.  I doubt myself.

I don't know but I guess we have diff'rent kind of demons on mind [or maybe alike].  I classify these fucktards into two: first, are the ones you really hate and second, are the one you are trying to hate but just love.

First off, I picture these creatures as the nasty ones.  They always wear a big grin on their face. Kinda scary but they're just too ugly they can ruin your day just by staring at them.  These creatures are so evil.  They laugh at your face whenever you feel down. They laugh at your failures. They laugh at your mistakes. They are always there when you're sad and lonely.  They are with you when your mad, furious, angered and full of wrath! And they are happy, tickled with every inch of your despair and sufferings. They smile and smirk, doing nothing at all, but they'll get you. They will challenge you and belittle you. They will annoy you, harrass you, taunt you and torment you.  They will bring out the demon in you if you have one. That's how they proliferate.  I hate them. I can't fight them.  I just can't face them not even look at them.  I just wanna avoid them.

The other kind of demons are the kinds I wish never existed.  They are so different from the previous I mentioned.  They are just so lovely.  It's hard to avoid them.  They won't scare the hell out of you.  They will make you happy and satisfied.  Man, don't you think that's scary? They will make you happy and satisfied! These demons will provide you anything and everything you need and want.  They will give you food, drinks, money, power, whatever you say. Name it, they have it.  Now isn't that scary?  They will give you knowledge, fame, fortune, things you never knew you could get.  But they have it.  And they will give it to you. They will give you "heaven on earth".  We see them everyday.  we don't avoid them. At times, we chase them.  Not scary?

Yeah, had faced them all, and have been facing more and more of them, and will face them in my everyday life.  I guess I just can't avoid them.  I feel so helpless against them. Against all other shits, I prevail 'coz I got God with me. Against these demons, God please forgive me.