Revenge is not ours, its God’s

    Revenge is sweet.  It is such a well-known litany by man.  Say vengeance and punishment, a retribution of heart and soul.  Do they come along with justice?  What about the passion of condoning?

    Revenge:  They say is an act of punishing the wrong, a retaliatory atonement, and it’s like putting justice in one’s hand.  How does it feel after inflicting the final blow of justice?  Satisfactions, achievement, amusement, bliss?  Yes, forget about sympathy.  Forget about guilt, humility, and shame.  Remember, justice is blind.  It has been enacted and enforced - as the avenger has blinded his self with wrath, fury, hunger and desire to destroy his malefactor -  the malefactor who have done wrong, who did harm the other, who was the evildoer.  But after the condemnation, is the revenge any different from the depraved?  Does it feel good putting justice in one’s own hands?  Now, does it taste sweet?  It’s bitter.  The entire act of vengeance is full of bitterness.  It’s shallow.  It is like biting the dog because the dog bit you.

    If vengeance is no good if put in our hands, where can we confide the lawfulness and justice?  There is a supreme being; the supreme Being who is inscrutable and who wrote the law.  For so whoever trespass against us, He already claimed vengeance. 

"Vengeance is mine, ... saith the Lord. Therefore if thine enemy hunger, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink; for in so doing thou shalt heap coals of fire upon his head." [Paul to the Romans, xii:19-20]

    Men are prone to avenge rather than to be kind and be forgiving.  Feeling of hatred or such emotions is normal.  It is God-given.  It is a gift.  To err is human, to forgive is divine!  And so doing harm to others is contested.  An eye for an eye measure makes the whole world blind.  A tooth for a tooth act is ignoble and barbaric.