It is late in the evening again.  I got nothing to else to do.  I decided to watch some cartoons and movies.  I can't help but to reflect on it again.

This is what I always do.  I reflect on everything I do, on everything I see, on everything I hear - on everything.  I always look on my reflection, but I can't see myself.

I try to look what's inside of me, of what I've used to be, of what I've become.  I always fail.

I see myself to be present in every situation I imagined.  I look to myself as a hero.  I look to myself as a valuable someone. I look to myself as me.

In reality, I can't see myself as a hero.  I can't see myself as a valuable someone.  I just can't see who really is myself.

I look at my reflection and prove that I'm still there, but I just can't stop staring.  Maybe, this is what I get for reflecting too much.  All this time, I was just reflecting.   Unmoved.

Someday, I know I will make a difference.  Someday, I will see my reflections moving.  Someday, my reflections would be real.