Battle Unarmed

It's a fight...

They are fighting because they are protecting... protecting people they love, places they love, memories they love.  When I look at them fight, they were together.  Hand-in-hand, they fight. They fight together. Together, they fight.

I felt a sudden sting to my chest.

I feel what they've been fighting for.

So different from me.

I felt jealous.  Because in my fight, I... feel..

so alone...

No one's there to back me up.

I have no choice but to fight.

I can't even give up.

I fight.. but I'm not trying to protect anyone. (They can protect and fight for themselves). I fight.. because I am fighting for something.  A mission. A purpose. A something I never really knew, or i thought I knew.

I fight.

with pain. and a heavy heart.

I fight a battle that is far from being won.

I fight a battle that I feel already lost.

Help me God...