It Will Pass

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Bad days exist.

You feel bad about everything, because everything just won't fall into place.

It happens to everyone. It happens to you, happens to me, happens to them. Nobody can avoid it.

How can we overcome this?

I don't know.

For me, whenever I try to make it better, it just gets worse. Sometimes to the worst. Will do better if I just sit on a corner, and think and ponder. Sometimes, eat.

I came to this idea of, I think, it would be better to know why this kind of days exist.

Why do I feel bad?

I feel bad because of struggles, issues I cannot easily resolve. Usually due to some stimuli - externally or internally.  But the hardest to resolve are the internal conflicts. It's hard to battle your own point of view.

Most of the times, I just want to breakdown and cry.  I feel bad because I feel like I'm not doing good anymore.  I feel bad because I feel so inutile.  I feel bad because I feel like I no longer deserve the love I receive (or sometimes I feel I am no longer loved).  Sometimes, I feel bad because of what people around me does. Sometimes, I feel bad because I still let them do stuff they shouldn't be doing anymore.

Bad days exist.

But, everything will pass anyway.