Because We Do

The moon has risen. Cats are purring, and the leaves are dancing to the cool night breeze. The entire place is quiet and it is a brand new night once again.

One of the best times to assess how the day went so far.

Today might have been a great day for sharing something, or doing something special.  Maybe, a time to tell the truth, and stop living a lie.

Have you shared some great ideas to ease the lives of others? Or have you criticized to make them feel worse?

Have you helped someone to carry some heavy loads? Or just avoided to make your life plain and simple?

Have you talked some financial matters to improve your living? Or could have added some dispensable expense?

Have you checked how fun it is to play along with some children? Or have just been annoyed to their rummages.?

Have you listened to a nonsense speech?

Do you love what you do?

Did you enjoy your day? Have you enough of it? Or still want more?

Do you like the taste of your own cooked carbonara?

Sometimes, we tend to satisfy and please ourselves while taking for granted some important "maybe things" around us. We speak our mind, do our task. We try to move others. We influence them. We never cared listening, as much as we wanted to be heard.

We speak. We speak for a reason. If it is not because of love, it could be self-love. Could be more than just speaking. Maybe, the reason why we do things.

We love to do stuff. Or we love to see people around us as we do our stuff. Or we love the people behind what we do.

Or we love ourselves more than the others.

We think that we deserve more than what others might have received.

We think a fair share is good only for those who wait; and for us who act, should receive plenty.

We think, what we do should have a fair amount of something we should receive.

At the end of the day, you will know deep within your heart how much you have loved - and how much you've been loved. 

And how you totally lost it, or gained it all.

'Cause now you fall asleep.